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Meet Eve. Sewing A Wrap Dress.

Meet Eve, she is the Sew Over It wrap dress with two variations; one with an on-trend dropped hem and fluted sleeve, the other 3/4 sleeves and a straight hem. As an admirer of Diane Von Furstenberg and her signiture wrap dress, I wanted to give this pattern a whirl in a hope it would become a staple pattern in my wardrobe across seasons.

Eve Pattern

I have never owned a wrap dress that I have loved. I wore one which was obscenely short in my early 20’s, but I liked the idea of it more than the reality. Perhaps I’m getting old, but so many of my ready to wear clothes are just cut too short. I’m not particuarly tall, maybe a little above average, but I feel high street retailers are cutting corners and skirt hem lengths to cut costs.  One of the best things about sewing your own clothes is getting them to fit perfectly, I have signed myself up for a Bodice Fitting Masterclass at Fred Aldeous with The Ministy of Craft so hopefully my fitting will improve over time.


Eve Toille

In the height of this sizzling summer I made the fluted sleeve version and directly copied a sample in a colbalt blue viscose, which I bought from The Fabric Room. To check the fitting I dilligently made a toile, and in hindight I’m glad that I did as I ended up lengthening the bodice by a few centimetres. It came together easily. It was the first time I used stay tape to stabilise a neckline, thankfully it worked and it didn’t stretch out, but it’s definatley something to watch out for. The only tricky bit is the long hem, rather than being complicated it’s just time consuming, because you hem from the neckband all the way round.

Eve at Bettys

I made my toille from a cotton bedsheet, which is a more structured fabric than the pattern recommends, but I wanted to make a wearable toille and I thought a cotton version would be nice for the costa del North West during the summer we were having. It came together easily and I instantly loved the style of it, I even wore the toille to afternoon tea at Betty’s with our parents. The bodice came up a bit short on me and didn’t fall on my natural waist in this cotton version, and with this structured fabric it flared out a bit too much.

DSC_2670After altering the pattern, I set about cutting my ‘real version’. It was my first time working with viscose fabric, but with plenty of pins I managed to avoid too much slippage. The viscose version falls with more drape and I really love the fluted sleeves.


The yoke is eased in with gathers, an elegant detail. The ties make it comfortable to wear and easy to fit with room for manoeuvre if your waist fluctuates.  Sadly, by the time I got round to making this version the summer was over, i’m sure this will be a staple in my summer wardrobe from now on, come on sunshine!


I have plans to make the 3/4 length sleeve version in some velvet, I’m undecided between emerald green and navy blue. I’m hoping to pick up some fabric at the Birmingham Rag Market with the Sew Brum meet up in October, but until then I can just admire this Eve in my wardrobe and dream up new versions as I will be certainly be making Eve again.

All for now

Claire & co.




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