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Learning to Knit

As soon as the clocks turned back at the end of October I wanted to learn to knit. I had wholesome visions of curling up with the needles on a winters evening, and cosily walking the dog on cold days in a knitted jumper made by me. I had a few failed attempts at knitting in the past, a distinct lack of patience prevented me from making any progress, but thanks to YouTube this autumn I made a start and can call myself a beginner knitter, rather than a wannabe knitter.

I started with the humble scarf, with the help from the lovely Charlotte from Wool and the Gang’s foolproof tutorial. It is simple to begin with, it explains how to do a slip knot, how to cast on, how to do a knit stitch, how to join balls of wool and finally how to cast off. Honestly, I probably watched it about 100 times, even with the straightforward instuctions and slowmo video it took a bit of time to get my head around it.

I practised on some pink acrylic wool and used some needles I inhertited from my mum, and although they were not quite the right size for the wool, they gave me something to practise on and I certainly needed a lot of practise. I kept adding a stitch to every row, so my knitting was gradually growing. After a bit of help from Google, I worked out that because the first stitch at the edge of the fabric is loose,  I was trying to fix it by pulling up on the wool to tighten the stitch and accidently adding an extra stitch. So with fresh eyes I tried it again, a penny dropped and it all came together. Before getting stuck into the 100% Crazy Sexy Wool in Sherpa Blue  I finished a tiny scarf, to test drive my new skills. The scale model was perfect fit for Walter.

Feeling confident in my newly accquired skills, I decided to take on a scarf for myself. The Crazy Sexy Wool is designed for beginners. The yarn is very chunky making it easy to spot mistakes and the scarf comes together very quickly. I really like the look of the chunky knit, not to mention it is very cosy. The wool came in this handy paper bag, which is well sized for storing your project in, sadly, the scarf doesn’t come out like this, but what would be the fun in that!

I chose the Sherpa Blue to wear with my Winter Coat that I had recently sewn, and I’m pleased as punch with the result. It came together in two evenings. I was paranoid about my knitting growing, so I meticulously kept counting my stitches to make sure it maintained its shape and I’m pleased to say it did.

It’s super cosy and I think it looks great with my Chloe Coat and will definitely keep me warm on winter dog walks. All of a sudden my ready to wear Pom Pom hat is looking a bit sad, so perhaps the Happy Daze Hat will be a project for the Christmas holidays so I can get my makers fix. However, my next knitting project is going to be a jumper and it will be a much more time intensive project, but it should be worth every stich.

One of the reasons I wanted to knit a jumper was because all my seemingly cosy ready to wear jumpers were made from acrylic or acrylic wool blends. The more I began to understand fabric, the more I began to value what things were made from and this meant I valued 100% wool. There is no better way to be sure of what something is made from, than to make it yourself.

All for now,

Claire & Wool and the Gang.



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