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Knitting Wool and The Gang Happy Daze Beanie

My ready to wear pom pom hat, which was four years old, began to look tired next to the winter coat I’d made and my newly knitted scarf. The Happy Daze Hat can come together in three hours, so if you’re looking for a quick knit, this is a great project to get your fix. The pattern offers three options, easy, beginner and intermediate. By this point I had two knitting projects under my belt, so always one for a challenge, I followed the intermediate instructions. I chose the Bronzed Olive Crazy Sexy Wool as I knew it would work perfectly with the lining of my wool coat.


The intermediate kit requires inverted rib stitch, which as the name suggests is a simple 1 x 1 rib, but back to front, working the stitches from the back to the front. I tried to learn this stitch straight off with little success, so instead I broke it down into stages and creates swatches in each step.

Firstly I learnt how to pearl.


Then a 1×1 stitch.


Finnishing with an inverted rib stitch.


Breaking it down into three stages made it simple and I had increased my stitch repitorie by 300%. Hoorah!

From here, the beanie came together soon enough, it requires a cable cast on, thankfully there’s a tutorial here to help you figure that out,  which after a bit of practise soon becomes second nature and creates a neat finish. From here, it’s just a case of knitting your rows, to the number outlined in the pattern. To finish off, keeping your knitting on the needles you thread your sewing needle with 50cm yarn end, back through your stitches following the knitting needle. This creates a drawstring and you pull your hat together. It’s magic! Next you sew the edges together, remembering it’s right side out, if you’re a newbie knitter and a sewer like me, this still feels foreign!

Pom Pom .jpg

Now it’s time for the pom pom. The Crazy Sexy Wool is thick yarn, so I would avoid a pom pom maker or the old school cardboard cut out method. Instead wrap around the fingers on your left hand , 40 times, then carefully slip the yarn off and secure in the centre with another piece of yarn and tie in a double knot. Trim around the edges to to reveal your pom pom. You can trim any stragglers to make it neat. And then you’re done, secure the pom pom by sewing in place.


I stitched in the label at the back, great to emphasise the bragging rights that I made it myself.


Now, not a cold day will pass without having something to be cheerful about as you can always shake your pompom! Happy Daze!

Happy Making.

All for now.

Claire & Wool and the Gang





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