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Make Nine 2019

Hi Makers, the #makenine challenge is doing the rounds on Instagram, challenging makers to share nine projects they want to complete for the up and coming year. As a first timer I’m pretty excited about these new additions to my wardrobe, bringing new challenges and sharing my plans with you. So here it goes…

make nine 2019

1. Named Isla Trench Coat

I made my first coat last year and I love it, firstly because it gave me the confidence to sew absolutely anything and secondly I get so much wear out of it. I want to make this Isla Trench Coat for spring, I already have the fabric from Sew Me Sunshine, the pattern is an overlaid PDF with over 100 pages, so I want to send it off to be printed, then clear some time to focus on such an involved project. I spotted Anne Hathaway wearing this yellow trench coat and the pattern and fabric is nearly a perfect match.

2. Liberty Sew Over It Ultimate Shirt

The first time I went into Liberty I fell in love with the classic blouses made up in the signature print, but sadly not the price tag. I don’t wear florals often, but I’ll make the exception for a classic liberty shirt for spring. I made a man’s shirt last year and now it’s my turn to make one for me, I picked up a gorgeous blue liberty print in the sale in Abakhan and I think this pattern will really show it off.

3. Carolyn Pyjamas

I think there is nothing more luxurious than a pair of classic pyjamas and freshly washed sheets, so this pattern will soon become my Sunday night pyjamas that are more special than regular brushed cotton versions. This classic pattern from Closet Case Patterns deserved to be made up in some silky fabric.

4. Underwear

I want the challenge of sewing underwear, I’m undecided on the pattern but I want to find inspiration from La Perla and make my own version without the eye watering price tag. I’m looking for a workshop or an online class to help me with the fit.

5. Wear Lemonade Mona Jacket

I love the style of Wear Lemonade Patterns but I haven’t tried any of their patterns yet, I was put off by the instructions being in French and the requirement to add a seam allowance. However, Mona is worth taking the challenge and I’d like to make this in a navy suede.

6. Sophie Swimsuit and High Waisted Bikini

Buying ready to wear swimwear is always painful, I usually trawl the internet looking for a high waisted bikini because of the flattering line, so when I came across the Closet Case Sophie Swimsuit that comes with a one-piece and a high waisted bikini, I knew it was the pattern for me. It will be a make that tests my skills and hopefully the online class will hold my hand through the tricky steps and fitting.

7. Gold Sneaker Kit Trainers

This year I pledged that if I could make something myself, I would leave it in the shops and instead make it myself. I’ve had my eye on a pair of Gold Superga trainers for a while, but when I discovered the Sneaker Kit website I thought I could make own and find the perfect gold leather to make these trainers to treasure.

8. Jeans

Last year I made the Sew Over It Mia Jeans and they were a satifying make, but the fit wasn’t perfect. So this year I want to take the trouser fitting class with Ministry of Craft and explore lots of styles of jeans. Usually I wear skinny jeans with pleny of stretch but I want to branch out to straight jeans or even draft my own pattern.

9. Wear Lemonade India Jumpsuit

Last but no means least I want to make the Wear Lemonade India Jumpsuit, I haven’t made a jumpsuit yet, but I think the India Jumpsuit with it’s wrap front, will feel like my style and making it from denim or chambray will make it wearable in the day or suitable as a dressed up going out outfit.

At the moment this list feels pretty daunting probably because I love all the patterns and want to wear them straight away, but sewing has taught me a lot about patience and slowing down. Hopefully all these projects will challenge my skills, fill gaps in my wardrobe and result in items that I’ll treasure forever.

What’s on your #makenine2019?












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