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Slow Tourism & Travel Sketchbooks

Packing a sketchbook when I go on holiday is as essential to me as a passport and a pair of sunglasses. I wanted to share a few pages from my sketchbooks to encourage you to try sketching next time you’re on holiday and embrace slow tourism.



These pages are from our time taking a long holiday in Marseille, time was on my side, but as we rented an apartment, it was easy for our new surroundings to become familair as we carried out a daily life, albeit in a new surrounding.



Flicking back through a sketchbook brings you right back to a time and place, so much more vividly than a photo. But more importantly, sketchbooks force you to slow down and really a see a place when you’re away from home, afterall what’s the point of going somewhere new without really noticing what’s around you.


Sketchbooks are beta, they are not the finished piece nor do they have to be perfect, so it shouldn’t feel like work when you’re on holiday.


It can be easy to be daunted be whole landscapes or cityscapes in a new place, but something that catches your eye can be the feature of your page.


Trying to keep up the same sense of curiosity when you’re back at home can be tricky, but you still get the benefit of slowing down and really taking the time to look at a place, without the cost. So next time you’re feeling in a bit of a rut, lacking some inspiration or just feel like you need a holiday, I’d suggest taking your sketch book on a holiday in your own town instead, even a view from your local coffee shop can be noteworthy if you really take time to look at what is in front of you.


Happy holiday making and sketchbooking, whether that be on the otherside of the world or just in your home town, but remember to pack your pencils.

Claire & co.



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