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#Portrait Challenge 2019

There is an amazing, inspiring, creative community on instagram with designers, illustrators and makers all sharing their work. To inspire and encourage new work challenges are a great way to step out of your comfort zones, plus it’s a great way to get a body of new work with the gentle push of a few prompts. Ohn Mar Win and August Wren set up the portrait challenge, it was manageable, just 8 portraits, but would encourage me to draw faces, which naturally I avoid because, frankly capturing the character of a person with a pen, can be nearly impossible. But the only way to get better, is to put pen to paper. So here it goes…








Etta James.JPG









What did I learn from this challenge? Well, portraits will probably always be my nemesis, but I have enrolled onto a portrait class at the Open Studios in Altrincham later in the month, with the hope of picking up some technical tips and finally stepping away from just line drawings and adding some depth with tone. So more to come.

What did work for me, was showing up and working on a project from start to finish and not being too precious if things weren’t great. My drawings were hit and miss, some days they were good, other days, they were off. Going forward, I want to focus on consistency.  I’m trying to complete 100 portaits in a sketch book by drawing a range of faces, both people I know and from newspapers and magazines with a focus on trying to create a likeness of the individual’s character, easier said than done. Here’s some more from my 100 faces project sketchbook so far.



More faces to come. If you have any tips for drawing faces I am all ears, so please share them in the comments below. Thanks so much.

Claire & Co.



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