#100daysofPattern – Week 1

So this is the start of my #100daysofPatterns. The prompt for this weeks theme is Celebrate, which was broad covering a whole host of occasions to celebrate, including new homes, new life and another year passing. So here’s my image board that got me started.




Day 1 – I started with flowers, because despite my reservations and floral print design, most celebrations include florals in some way.  With the help of Skillshare I wanted to digitialise my design and work on the all important repeat pattern. I experimented with a background colour, but most importantly I wanted the daisys to retain their painterly quality, so I didn’t manipulate my initial image too much.



Day 2- Next, I worked on a pineapple print, I’d dreamt up ever since illustrating a ‘new home’ card with a pineapple, Pineapples in the Victorian era were a symbol of welcoming and hospitality. I overlayed the image as a symbol of abundance.

Pineapples Stacked.jpg

Day 3 – Next I explored paper streamers. I knew I needed a bit of inspiration, so collated some images on this day to get me started.  I manipulted the colours in Photoshop whilst keeping as much as the painterly quality of the lines.



Party Streamers Original

Party Streamers Colours_BlueParty Streamers Colours_purple

Day 4– I looked at confetti. I wanted to created an abstract print and spent some time making different elements in my sketchbook and scanning them in.



Day 5-  I took my inspiration from champagne bubbles and used the multiply and divide feature in photoshop to overlaid the handdrawn bubbles on photoshop. Although this works as a tile, I’m not sure how well this pattern would repeat, as my idea was to have dense bubbles at the bottom and gradually dispiate.


Day 6 – Then I looked at animals in party hats, because, well why not. I definatley see this print working as a set of cards, with a pom pom attached, because everything is better with a pom pom on.


Zebra Tile.jpg

Day 7– I struggled because my inspiration was sparklers and it didn’t really translate as a literal motif, so instead I broke down the sparkler into it’s sparks and ended up happy with the result.It did remind me this Atellier Brunette French Terry.

Sparklers Tile

Week 1 done, what did I learn?

Well this week had a steep learning curve. My focus was to get my head around how to turn things from my sketchbook into something digitial and didn’t want to be too precious about the design. I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface and found myself quite frustrated on a number of times trying to get the computer to do what I wanted. So there is going to be a lot more time spent watching Skillshare tutorials.

Secondly, I started to understand what elements I needed to draw and paint to make a repeat pattern, the penny dropped on day 4 for this. I want to keep as much of the hand drawn and painterly affects on my patterns as possible.

I’m naturally begining to see a colour palette form; yellows, (obviously) blues, mint green, neutral & blacks and for now want to stick within these colours and work at bringing in new colourways in upcoming projects.

Finally, there is a lot to be said for consistecey and showing up, some days I struggled, like on day 5, and other days I had a design for a repeat pattern, a product and a print.

Next week it’s more of the same, I have a few days holidays next week so this is going to be a test of discipline and consistceny to stick to the #100daysproject  But so far, I’m still enthusased as I’m creating a body of work, with some ideas I want to develop further.The pattern from day 2, the pineapple and day 4, the confetti need more exploraitons. I want to see how these prints work on fabric even on products, so i’m going to mock this up and getting some samples printed from spoonflower.

At the moment it’s eat, make, yoga,repeat. Honeslty, it’s a routine I could get used to. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with your #100dayproject and if anyone out there has any tips for creating pattern designs. I’m all ears.

All for now.

Claire & Co.








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