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Inspired by Cotton and Flax

Alongisde my #100daysofpatterns project, I’m looking at pattern and textile designers that I admire to try and get a better understanding of how and why it works. So today I’m looking at Cotton and Flax, handmade textile home goods from US based designer Erin Dollar. Every piece in the collection is cut, printed and sewn in California.

About Cotton & Flax - How it's made

The striking patterns featured on each Cotton and Flax piece begin as ink drawings — Erin creates each pattern by hand, using a brush and sumi ink. Then she transfers these patterns to a silkscreen to print multiples on fabric. Cotton and Flax textiles are made using natural materials, including linen fabrics and eco-friendly water-based inks. Erin chooses linen-blend fabrics for their unique qualities: high absorbency, durability and increased softness with time.

Cotton and Flax_03

Production for Cotton and Flax is done in small batches, and many items are available in a limited quantity as Erin refreshes her palette seasonally.

Cotton and Flax_04

With Cotton and Flax, Erin approaches textile design as a blend of fine art and fine craft. By using traditional methods to print each textile piece, Erin hopes to share her love of printmaking and to promote greater public interest in owning unique, handmade home goods.

Cotton and Flax_05

What strikes me most about Cotton and Flax is the commitment to craftsmanship and promoting the value of this within the home. All principles that can be applied to my own work and values that align with my own.


I’m looking forward to putting my hand at silk screen printing on to some fabric and lino cutting onto some linen, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks. Prints made by hand create a quality that just can’t be replicated on digital print, so I look forward to returning to ink and cloth to make some patterns.


All for now,

Claire and Co



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