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Colourful Holly Dress by Fibre mood .

October, marks my sewing Birthday, as back in 2017 I got my sewing machine and started to sew. Last year with a gift voucher I bought fabric for my much loved Yellow Trench Coat, so this year I picked a colourful viscose I had my eyes on for ages to make a midi length colourful dress, to mark a new year of more colourful, everyday, makes.

Fibremood is a fashion forward, pattern magazine produced every quarter, with around 15 sewing and knitting patterns included. The patterns are overlapped on pattern paper in the middle of the magazine, and as someone who hates dressing patterns, I decided to buy a single PDF as I knew I wanted to make the Holly Dress . I was sold on the sample images with the grey hair and rattan chair, and as well as the dress! It was my first midi length dress and with a high neck, but I thought it would be great to wear everyday in winter with tights and still be relaxed.

The pattern requires you to add seam allowances once you have assembled your pattern, which I did not realise, until after I had cut out all the pieces and started assembling the dress. whoops! I won’t make that mistake again and for a while I did really fall out with the dress as I has to recut the sleeves with my left over fabric and the use a tiny seam allowances for construction. Thankfully there was enough ease in the dress it still fit, but ideally I would have liked the dress to have been a tiny bit longer, but I really loved the sleeves and the gathers around the neckline that I still love it.

The dress bodice of the dress and the skirt come as one piece, I decided to cut it in two and I had planned to insert a channel to make an elastic waist, but I decided I didn’t want to interfere with the print of this fabric and decided I would be wear it with a belt made from the fashion fabric or a belt from my wardrobe. So there is an extra seam but once i’m wearing a belt you can’t really see it.

The hero of this dress is the sleeves which are gathered into a cuff and finished with covered buttons. I wan’t sure if It would feel very ‘me’ but I love it, it does make me feel very Margo from The Good Life, but that’s not a bad thing.

The high neck of this dress makes it better suited for colder months and I have been wearing it with tights, a polo neck underneath and my black leather jacket, but I took these pictures on a sunny day in spring. I styled it without the belt, which is more comfortable, but I much prefer the silhouette with a defined waist.

Although I got off to a wobbly start with this make, in the end we made peace and I look forward to wearing it for all occasions and it has inspired me to make more midi lengths dresses. I have my eyes on another Fibremood Pattern, The Victoria Blouse, which I could easily hack into a gathered midi dress as long as I remember to add the seam allowances!



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