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Stitch Sister Simple Yellow Midi Skirt

Winter dressing can be gloomy, wooly jumpers, navy, black, polo necks, thermal tights but in the gloomiest months of the year, it’s a time when a bit of colour can bring cheer to get you through to spring. This super quick, secret pyjama skirt did just that.

Thermal base layers are necessary in the North West, pretty much year round, but I wanted to wear fewer days of jeans, jumpers and big boots this winter so I made two of these midi skirts which I have been wearing on repeat with thick tights, jumpers and a jacket and coat.

I followed a YouTube tutorial from the Stitch Sisters, but decided to encase the elastic in fabric rather than expose the elastic. It was that simple. These pleated skirts are very popular at the moment and are so simple to make, but the difficulty is sourcing the pleated fabric. This fabric was from Minerva Crafts and I made a bottle green one with fabric from Stoff and Stil but the fibre composition isn’t great, so i’m keeping my eyes peeled for more pleated fabric in bright colours, because these skirts are really easy to wear under layers, with a great swish, that makes you feel great!


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