Sew Over It Hackney Shirt

I love the challenge of sewing a shirt, so I decided to do a bit of selfless sewing for my Husband. The Hackney Shirt, from Sew Over It includes flat felled seams, a classic collar and a tower button placket.

This tailoring is time consuming, so be prepared for construction to take a little longer, so remember to bring your patience to this project and allow for plenty of time. I used the online class that holds your hands through the whole process. I’m a big fan of online sewing classes, that allow you to go at your own pace, perfect your techniques and most importantly rewind to rewatch any bits you missed again!

This brushed cotton fabric is destined to be a great lumberjack inspired casual shirt. I decided not to pattern match, firstly, so you can spot the perfect placed, perfectly constructed pocket and secondly for ease. This collar requires interfacing and I used heavy weight interfacing [link] to give the collar structure.

I cut the size XS and I took off two inches from either side seam to a slim fit.

A button placket can seem tricky on the onset, but trust in the process and follow the steps. To start with you need to mark on all the fold and stitching lines, so make sure you use a washable fabric pen , it can be tricky on this black fabric to see lines, so you can always use a chalk pen instead. I used the same interfacing for the cuffs for integrity and finished the cuffs off with these small black buttons and the same down the front. 

This project was well received by my husband. He loves brushed cotton and loves the weight of this shirt great for colder weather. As much as I enjoy making for myself there is a sense satisfaction seeing something you’ve made for someone else wear it, repeatedly. I really rate this pattern and the online class includes the Ultimate Shirt for women, so I plan to make a version for myself too. This is a classic pattern to have in your collection.

Thanks to Minverva.com for the fabric that was gifted in exchange for a blog post which will be live on their site in the coming months.

All for now.

Claire XO


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