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Delphine Jacket by I Am Patterns.

Last weekend, The Fold Line & The English Girl at Home organised the Sewing Weekender Online, I really enjoyed watching the videos and taking part. Rumana from the Little Pomegranate talked about sewing as an act of kindness towards herself during the Covid-19 crisis and this reminded me why I decided to sew. So I wanted to share my hugely impractical, totally frivolous, recent make, the gold furry coat that helped me get my sew jo back during lockdown.

When I saw the release of the I am Patterns Delphine jacket by in 2018 I knew I needed this in my wardrobe, I mean need is probably the wrong word here, but it did got me exciting for sewing something just for the sake of sewing, it wasn’t practical or a tried and tested pattern, or set to be part of a capsule wardrobe, it was simply fun. Sew Me Sunshine stocked the exact fabric used in the samples and on an impulse I snapped it up.

After that, the fabric sat in the bottom of my wardrobe for the best part of 18 months. I’m not sure why, maybe part of me lacked the confidence to pull of a white and gold fur coat or simply my energy was pulled in different directions for 2019. But when lockdown was announced I knew I wanted to use the time to work my way through my current fabric stash, because I really, really, really don’t like fabrics stacked up at home.

The Delphine jacket is a very simple unlined jacket with no zips or fastenings. I did decide to sew on a pair of hook and eyes to close it and there is a free add on PDF for the pattern to line it, but this , never seen anything else like it fabric, didn’t need any extra. So I decided to sew it up, we were headed into spring, it was out of season, totally impractical and I had no where to wear it, but I truly love it for all of those reasons.

I made it just for me, I didn’t care if my husband didn’t like it or anyone thought it was ridiculous, when I wore it, I bought me unadulterated joy and that is exactly why I started sewing for myself. My style in the last year has started to shift, I am making a more conscious choice to be bolder with colour and dress up everyday, because it makes me feel good. I was hugely inspired by Stasia Savasuk on the Love to Sew Podcast and it forced me to question if my capsule wardrobe co-orinating basic makes were reflecting who I am. I want more colourful, fun, makes to wear everyday in my wardrobe. As we go into summer, it’s not quite weather appropriate but I’ll welcome some chill in the air to wear my new favourite jacket that brings me so much joy!




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