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A Colour Story

This year, MeMadeMay, my pledge was small, ‘to make my makes more colourful going forward’.

When I started learning to make my own clothes, I stuck to navy, beige, and a very neutral colour palette, to be honest, there was enough to think about matching the fabric with the pattern and then sewing the thing together, to start considering colour. With an infinite palate out there and seemingly endless possibilities, now I felt confident to think deeply about colour to make and wear clothes that are congruent to my style and personality.The problem was, I didn’t know where to start.

During the pandemic, front windows becoming galleries to the ‘Save our NHS rainbows’. Before then, rainbow Breton tops and boden inspired colourful skirts filled my instagram feed. There is a trend towards making colourful choices, more specifically all the colours at once. Heightened in the midst of global health crisis and looming economical uncertainty, making a decision to wear colour, was to say yes to something hopeful and optimistic.

I know the rainbow trend in it’s full spectrum, wasn’t for me, but I knew I wanted to embrace colour . I know when I wear my yellow trench coat on a rainy day, I am instantly feel uplifted and wrapped in optimism, needed to battle the elements. If one coat could do this, I was excited about the possibility of more colourful wardrobe.

Based on my hair and skin tone, colours best suited to me, are winter tones. I started looking into what were Winter colours and was surprised to find the colours I love to wear, Cobalt blue, Mint green, we’re in fact Winter Colours. I started from there and really set about looking into Winter Colours, with the help of this book, The Little Book of Colour.

I narrowed down to a palate of 12 colour, that was varied enough not to feel restrictive, cohesive enough to compliment one another, but not too overwhelming to feeling paralysed when making decisions. So hopefully these 12 colours will help me create a colourful, co-ordinated and cohesive handmade wardrobe going forward.

Here’s to more colourful clothes going forward.




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