Sewing for Interiors

The reason my family clubbed together to get me an entry level sewing machine was because I’d murmered something about being interested in sewing some cushion covers and blinds for our new flat. 18 months later following serious procraftination, with a coat, a pair of jeans, a lined jacket, countless skirts and dresses, I finallyContinue reading “Sewing for Interiors”

Making The Wool And The Gang Hotline Sweater

Following knitting my first ever jumper I graduated to the Wool and the Gang Hotline Sweater a Christmas present, which would test my skills, introduce the increase and decrease technique and present me with the challenge of working with a new type of yarn, mohair. Mohair comes from the hair of the Angora goat andContinue reading “Making The Wool And The Gang Hotline Sweater”

Making Christmas Decorations

Christmas has crept up and I wanted to share a few of my festive decorations I made this year. I think if you can make stuff that looks vaguely passable as a present, it can be easy to put unnecessary pressure on yourself and make presents for all your friends and family. Tempting as itContinue reading “Making Christmas Decorations”

Knitting Wool and The Gang Happy Daze Beanie

My ready to wear pom pom hat, which was four years old, began to look tired next to the winter coat I’d made and my newly knitted scarf. The Happy Daze Hat can come together in three hours, so if you’re looking for a quick knit, this is a great project to get your fix.Continue reading “Knitting Wool and The Gang Happy Daze Beanie”

Making a Needle Felt Robin @ The Makers Place Macclesfield

Following a trip to the Silk Musuem in Macceslfield in November, I discovered the newly opened Maker’s Place . The top floor of the musuem is dedicated to the workshops and studios of 8 local makers where visitors can go and watch the makers work, buy their work and even give the craft a goContinue reading “Making a Needle Felt Robin @ The Makers Place Macclesfield”