Making The Chewing Gum Sweater from We Are Knitters

Following my first succesful attempt at knitting I was filled with beginner’s confidence and braved a jumper. I bought the Chewing Gum Sweater Kit from We Are Knitters, as it is essentially 4 rectangles all in knit stitch, sewn together into a boxy cropped wool jumper. The kit is great for those just starting outContinue reading “Making The Chewing Gum Sweater from We Are Knitters”

Shibori & Indigo Dyeing

Indigo is amongst the oldest dyes for textiles and printing, it’s synonymous blue tones can be spotted across the globe and seen throughout ancient history. Much of the indigo used today is synthetic and most commonly used in denim. The more I learnt about the production of clothes and the dyeing process of fabrics, theContinue reading “Shibori & Indigo Dyeing”