Sew Over It. City Break E Book. My Capsule Wardrobe.

It’s all well and good making posh frocks, I am guilty of this, Etta and Eve dresses hang proudly in my wardrobe. Sadly my lifestyle calls for these to be worn only on the odd occasion, and considering the investment per wear, I set about making an everyday, wearable wardrobe. My starting point was TheContinue reading “Sew Over It. City Break E Book. My Capsule Wardrobe.”

Minerva Crafts Blog: Eve Dress Hack Wrap Top

For my Minerva Crafts Blog project this month, I hacked the Eve Dress Pattern, into a wrap blouse, I like to get the most of a pattern and I’m pleased to say my first pattern hack was a success. Pattern: Sew Over It Eve Dress Fabric: Georgette Fabric Notions: None. Modifications: Bodice from the packetContinue reading “Minerva Crafts Blog: Eve Dress Hack Wrap Top”

Minerva Crafts Blog: Lurex Coating Coco Jacket

I’m proud to say I’m working with Minerva Crafts and my makes will be found every month over on their Blog.  I’m an advocate of fabric shopping online, this might feel counterintuitive to some, but when I dream up a project I am quite set on what type, colour and weight of fabric I’m lookingContinue reading “Minerva Crafts Blog: Lurex Coating Coco Jacket”

Making Jeans

I wear jeans all the time, for years I’ve bought the same pair and style from Topshop (branching out to Cheap Monday if I could get them in the sale)  in mid blue and black. Every year the fabric looks worn within six months and I pledge to look for another style that will lastContinue reading “Making Jeans”

Sewing Menswear

This week marks the end of London’s Fashion Week Men’s so it seemed fitting to share some menswear I have made as I dip my toe into sewing for men, (one man in particular).  In terms of design I  find menswear really interesting; I’m someone who likes boundaries to work within and to keep thingsContinue reading “Sewing Menswear”