Sewing A Winter Coat

After spending hours making the Etta Dress, shamefully I have only worn it once. Even though I loved wearing it, knowing that I’d made it myself, it got me thinking about making a more wearable everyday handmade wardrobe. Before launching into buying loads of fabric and patterns, I spent some time thinking about what makesContinue reading “Sewing A Winter Coat”

Meet Eve. Sewing A Wrap Dress.

Meet Eve, she is the Sew Over It wrap dress with two variations; one with an on-trend dropped hem and fluted sleeve, the other 3/4 sleeves and a straight hem. As an admirer of Diane Von Furstenberg and her signiture wrap dress, I wanted to give this pattern a whirl in a hope it wouldContinue reading “Meet Eve. Sewing A Wrap Dress.”

Sewing A ‘Knock Out’ Dress

When I came across Tilly and The Buttons patterns the Etta Dress jumped out at me, the lemon print on the sample and the elegant cut of the pattern truly make this dress, as the title of the online class suggests,  ‘a knock out’.    Like most beginner sewists, I was pretty set on making myself anContinue reading “Sewing A ‘Knock Out’ Dress”