Slow Tourism & Travel Sketchbooks

Packing a sketchbook when I go on holiday is as essential to me as a passport and a pair of sunglasses. I wanted to share a few pages from my sketchbooks to encourage you to try sketching next time you’re on holiday and embrace slow tourism.   These pages are from our time taking aContinue reading “Slow Tourism & Travel Sketchbooks”

6 Reasons To Sew-cialize

Sewists, dressmakers, home sewers, seamstresses, tailors, makers, whatever you call yourself, as a breed we tend to be a solitary bunch. A free afternoon, an empty Sunday, let’s face it even a Saturday night doesn’t bring dread, infact it brings uninterrupted joy at the opportunity to sit down and start that project, or pick up oneContinue reading “6 Reasons To Sew-cialize”

What YouTube Taught Me About DIY

For me, 2018 was the year of YouTube, okay, I was pretty late to the party as the video sharing site was started in 2005. But until last year, aside from the odd music video, cat dressed as a shark on a hoover video and the frantic search for how to put flatpack furniture togetherContinue reading “What YouTube Taught Me About DIY”

Make Nine 2019

Hi Makers, the #makenine challenge is doing the rounds on Instagram, challenging makers to share nine projects they want to complete for the up and coming year. As a first timer I’m pretty excited about these new additions to my wardrobe, bringing new challenges and sharing my plans with you. So here it goes… 1.Continue reading “Make Nine 2019”