Exploring Colour

Recently I signed up to SkillShare, an online tutorial resources with on-demand creative classes, topics cover everything from anatomical drawings, freelancing business tips to weaving. The service really suited me, it allowed me to learn new skills without leaving the house, allowed me to take regular breaks and return to it. There are so manyContinue reading “Exploring Colour”

Liberty Art Fabric & Fashion Exhibition at Dovecot Gallery

Just before the Fringe Festival started in Edinburgh, I found myself in the Scottish capital and made a beeline for the Dovecot Studios. In association with the Fashion & Textiles Museum, the Dovecot was hosting a celebration of the most acclaimed fabric company in the UK, if not the world, Liberty.  Featuring over 100 garments and fabrics spanningContinue reading “Liberty Art Fabric & Fashion Exhibition at Dovecot Gallery”

Shibori & Indigo Dyeing

Indigo is amongst the oldest dyes for textiles and printing, it’s synonymous blue tones can be spotted across the globe and seen throughout ancient history. Much of the indigo used today is synthetic and most commonly used in denim. The more I learnt about the production of clothes and the dyeing process of fabrics, theContinue reading “Shibori & Indigo Dyeing”