Sewing A ‘Knock Out’ Dress

When I came across Tilly and The Buttons patterns the Etta Dress jumped out at me, the lemon print on the sample and the elegant cut of the pattern truly make this dress, as the title of the online class suggests,  ‘a knock out’.    Like most beginner sewists, I was pretty set on making myself anContinue reading “Sewing A ‘Knock Out’ Dress”

Why I Keep A Daily Sketchbook & Why I Think You Should Too.

In the age of Gratitude Journals, Line A Day Diary’s and Happiness Planner’s it seems the humble blank sketchbook has been pushed aside. Increasingly there are more artists and designers sharing there ‘page a day’ online and the benefits are not exclusive to full-time artists. So I want to encourage to keep a daily sketchbook.Continue reading “Why I Keep A Daily Sketchbook & Why I Think You Should Too.”

Learning to Sew

There are few books that you read inside out and back to front, all in the space of six weeks, but as soon as I picked up Tilly and The Buttons, ‘Love at First Stitch’ I was hooked. At the beginning of 2018 I had pledged to myself to learn to sew clothes…but it wasn’tContinue reading “Learning to Sew”

Reclaim Creativity

After spending years writing ‘deck’s’ commonly known as Powerpoints to the average man and working in ad-land I decided to go back to my roots of arts and crafts.  It’s bringing me so much joy, so I decided to document this journey rather than keep it hidden away under my desk. I started drawing fromContinue reading “Reclaim Creativity”